Roxanne Milana Runs For Twistys Treat Of The Year!

by Twistys

Roxanne Milana just found out that she’s in the running to be named Twistys Treat of the Year but she needs your help to win! All you have to do is spend $1 so you can log in and vote for her to win! What do you get when she wins? A TON of new hot photo sets of Roxanne teasing that sweet pussy! You only have until April 30th to vote though so hurry on over!

Roxanne Milana Posing
Roxanne Milana makes one hell of a ballerina!

Roxanne Milana Teasing
Roxanne Milana flashes those panties to try and convince you to vote for her!

Roxanne Milana Tits
Roxanne Milana knows those juicy tits will get you!

Roxanne Milana Pussy
Roxanne Milana shows off her sweet pussy to close the deal!

Roxanne Milana Bare Ass
Roxanne Milana gives you a closer peek at that ass!

Roxanne Milana Stockings
Roxanne Milana stretches out in those sexy sheer stockings!

Roxanne Milana Nipples
Roxanne Milana has such suckable pink nipples!

Roxanne Milana Porn
Roxanne Milana promises more pussy if you vote her Twistys Treat of the Year!

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2 thoughts on “Roxanne Milana Runs For Twistys Treat Of The Year!”

  1. Brian Spencer says:

    I must say this girl is really quite stunning. Why have I not heard of her before?

  2. Brian Spencer says:

    It turns out she is from Russia and not Hungary as I thought when I first saw her. She does not look like any Russian women I have seen before.

    She has the right mixture of cuteness and sensuality to make me desire her. Equally important is that she has that indefinable quality caled ‘class’.

    Like so many of these East European Babes she is wasted in porn. Imagine what a sensation she would be in Hollywood.

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